Technology is not just about technology anymore. Technology is now about driving growth — it is about harnessing data and digital to anticipate and delight your customers. It is about staying ahead of rapidly evolving customer expectations and digital disruptors bent on destroying your hard-won customer relationships. It is about using technology to win your customers’ hearts and minds as you win their trust, loyalty, and spend.

This is the agenda for business technology — and this is the agenda for the CIO.kIiku.png


Breaking free of IT gravity


Customer-led: BT strategy demands a total shift in strategy and operations to deliver superior digital experiences to fast-moving mobile customers.


Fast: The legacy IT operating model, with its focus on optimization and resiliency, is slow and risky. Customers and the business demand one speed today: fast.


Connected: A customer-obsessed operating model — focused on business outcomes and fueled by customer data and analytics — demands new skills, culture, processes, and systems.


In the age of the customer, tech professionals must work with business executives to champion a business technology (BT) agenda: the technology, systems, and processes to win, serve, and retain customers.

Shifting resources to the BT agenda requires CIOs to move beyond IT’s traditional focus on technology assets and to expand their role as leader of a customer-facing function: responsible for creating superior customer experiences across channels and delivering digital business innovation.

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