“Does IT matter?” was the title of an article in a leading general management magazine in 2000s which stirred up a debate. This is in contrast with the relatively recent remark attributed to GE’s Chairman & CEO, “if you woke up as an industrial company today, you will wake up as a software and analytics company tomorrow.”

Quite a big difference in a decade!

Predicting the future out for a decade and what is needed to support it is extremely tough!

The future also varies across industry segments and markets. Despite this, it can be stated with certainty that IT applications of the future will continue to be based on the old, i.e., bringing forward powerful business-IT capabilities to ensure business models / customer journeys / business value chains, deliver better business outcomes and customer experience.

While this is common sense, let us dig deeper by looking at a few business themes (BT) that will inform the future out for a decade, in the first part of this blog.

In the second and third parts we will look at how such business themes will recalibrate the approach to development and maintenance of IT applications, and how enterprises should prepare for this.

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