People are often surprised when they hear that I earned my master of business administration degree, or MBA, as a side-hobby while I was a tenured professor at MIT.

Even MIT’s human resources department was perplexed that I’d want to apply for the employee benefit to partially support my tuition costs.

My motivation to do so was simple: I’d spent most of my life in the research world interacting with corporations during my years at the Media Lab, but I often got lost when the business folks would bandy financial or other business terms around me.

So I wanted to defeat my lack of knowledge, by acquiring what most of them seemed to have: an MBA.

Fast forward ten years and a few professional changes later, my interest turned back to business schools again. This year after releasing the #2016 DesignInTech Report, it turns out that all of the top ten U.S. business schools have design clubs led by student

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