Enterprises commonly use bots to reduce customer service costs and improve responsiveness to customer requests.

Many of the bots in use lack any real intelligence, although the landscape is changing rapidly with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

Major industry players, including Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft, are all jumping on the bot bandwagon.

“You can now plug AI, machine learning, and technology resources into your bots without owning that part off the technology stack,” said Felix Rios, technology and innovation manager of the market research unit at managed analytics solution provider Ugam Solutions, in an interview. “[Meanwhile], as a society, we are becoming more comfortable with the concept of talking to machines. We also increasingly favor chatting over calling someone. All in all, it seems like the perfect storm for [an] explosion of bots to happen.”So, what does the rise of the bots really mean for your business?

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