To: All agencies and clients
From: One of your own

Guys, it’s a different world out here! It’s so… well… 2020! Supermarkets are connected to customer’s refrigerators.

Doctors now track years- worth of patients’ vital info-instantly!

Digital health, fitness and well-being “connectivity” is off the charts. And there’s remote “Help” diagnostics for everything. Our bodies,

Machines, appliances, cars, you name it!

Speaking of cars, they’ve become rolling, connected marketing platforms. They practically drive themselves, actually…nahhh – you wouldn’t believe it!

Facial, Voice and Gesture recognition and Haptics now enable people to interact with machines in incredible new ways!

And we now have a much clearer idea of each of our customer’s “multi-dimensional- changing-all-the-time” lives.

We realized Big Data isn’t about Big Brother, it’s about Big Helper.

The killer point is we now have the capability to anticipate customers’ needs and desires. And it’s not like we had a choice-we had to!

Our big epiphany was that “Caveat Emptor” has done a 180! Now it’s truly “Caveat Venditor – Seller Beware”.

2020 is a new era, where the “Customer is no longer King – now she’s God

Brands are in her hands. She can make or break our reputation with a keystroke.

She’s not only involved in driving the perception of our companies, but also in creating our goods and services.

Sounds scary? Not really. But we have to rethink ourselves. We’re now service providers in the new service society.

But if we didn’t learn to treat our customers this way – would’ve been game over!

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Brands were always about trust. Well, now we have the wherewithal and motivation to truly walk that talk. To interpret, align, advise, educate, service and inspire. And provide unified services and solutions for all of our customers.

So what’s 2020 like?

It reminds me of that old marketing story. Two shoe salesmen are sent to deepest Africa. One sends a message saying “coming home – the natives don’t wear shoes”. The other says, “Send me 10,000 pair, the natives don’t wear shoes”.

Half empty, or half full? Well, it’s a race to embrace.

But from my 2020 vantage point, I say prepare now and the opportunities are limitless!

See you in the future! Call me when you get here, but I’ll probably be with a customer.