Customer journey mapping is an eye-opener about process gaps — especially when it spans the end-to-end customer life cycle.

It’s the job of customer experience management to drive smooth journeys and maximize value across the life cycle. Accordingly, it’s the role of customer experience managers to prevent process silos.

As we’ve analyzed silo quandaries in this series — organizational silos, channel silos, system silos, data silos — a common thread has emerged: there’s a set of silos that your company has created, and there’s a set of silos that customer experience management has created!

Why do process silos exist?



Management’s inside-out thinking.

Process silos are a product of organizational silos. And it’s a question of chicken-or-the-egg in whether process silos cause — or are caused by — system silos, data silos, and channel silos.

The crux of the matter is that customer experience suffers from silos. And silos perpetuate because we mistakenly believe they’re too big to tackle.

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