I love the industry I work in with a passion, but the truth is we know that the old game is over.

Creativity is our heart and soul, but Don Draper is long dead and we know it.

Recent growth has come through digital, although the role of the agency is not yet defined as the complexities of the medium continue to evolve at pace.

A high profile Global CMO recently proclaimed that he doesn’t care about the complexities that agencies face they just need to fix it.

I agree.

But this is a wholly naïve demand to be shouting through the front door whilst your procurement team are up the back door re-arranging the agency’s staffing model.

We must be honest with ourselves. The intensifying scrutiny of costs, model and output are clear signs that our relevance and value are under question.

I confess though that I’ve rarely read anything on the future of the agency that’s inspired or convinced me.

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