How landlords, retailers & designers can harness the power of design to differentiate their offer by engaging with customers in more meaningful ways.” Presented at the InRetail Summit, Dubai 2016.
In a constantly connected world obsessed with the next ‘update’ or ‘filtered selfie’, customers are seeking experiences that are more meaningful, products that represent their values and brands that create a positive impact on the neighborhood around us. The ‘anti-prototype’ is a push for more localized, authentic, & ‘active’ spaces through which to engage with one another. Our response to this requires a more ‘anthropological’ approach – one that harnesses the collective strength of retail’s combined disciplines to satisfy our converging lifestyles. This session will explore ways in which to connect with people where they live by unleashing the power of design to transform lives in the neighborhoods where shoppers, workers & students live.
Learning Objectives: What can we do to surprise & delight customers? What would an ‘unfiltered’ experience feel like? Is it too late to slow down, re-engage our senses and can a store be a catalyst that creates positive friction in the community? As a result of attending this session, attendees will:
* Discover what makes a destination when so much can be accessed online.
* Learn how to create new forms of intimacy between brand and consumer that feel authentic & real.
* Understand how brands can remain consistent so they do not become diluted as a result of localization.

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