It did annoy me, that claim.

“The advance from mass marketing to individualized marketing is about to take a quantum leap to the next big thing — the move to Entangled Marketing™”.

As the authors claim Entangled Marketing is a new business model for building a supportive, enduring and mutually-rewarding relationship between brand and customer. The key to successful entanglement lies in having access to a deep understanding of customers and leveraging data-driven insights across touchpoints.

“Release the Power of Entangled Marketing™” by Stan Rapp, co-founder of the RAPP agency and Sebastian Jespersen, CEO of the global Vertic agency is not a new business model for the digital age but the  subject of one of the most innovative books I read in the last few years about marketing.

About our Context and challenges

Any company of any size does its utmost to create engaging online content.

However, something more is needed.  They  must go beyond mere engagement.

The problem is that engagement in the here and now – the next click, “like,” retweet or uploaded video – is easily followed by disengagement in a click-obsessed society.

Much more is needed to keep the connection between any brand and consumer alive, the kind of enduring, mutually beneficial relationship that delivers robust ROI year-in, year-out.

The authors state that by staying constantly on the tumblr_leuo1sdMbA1qg49lko1_500alert to ground-breaking developments, you can enjoy an uneven share of the opportunities distributed in the future.

About the Content

Being involved (passionate) into service design, i do not consider me an advertising or marketing professional: the target group according to the authors. For me the content is about brand strategy and communications (which is also stated at the cover of the book).

What are the relevant themes for me, being into service design.

Think Increased “Share of Life”

In the digital age, the Internet behemoths battle to increase “Share of Life”. Hardly a month goes by without a new announcement from Amazon, Apple, Google or Facebook about moving into another aspect of people’s lives.

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My point of view: So forget share of wallet and these kinds of concepts. Make an impact into some’s life. Think indeed “Share of Life”

Think Beyond Engagement

As the Internet’s influence over our behavior intensifies, hit-and-miss engagement is less likely to result in a lasting relationship. Supportive, value-added entanglement is what is needed to forge an unbreakable connection with your customers.


My point of view: As stated before, companies should focus on investing into experiences and not into trying to control a relationship

Think Entangled Twosome

In an interconnected society there is no winning when your customer loses. With transparency run rampant, buyer and seller are a twosome bound at the hip in an ongoing relationship that works for both parties.


My point of view: this is about social business, design thinking and so on. Not only in relationships but also into encounters and associated experiences.

Think One-plus-One Empowerment

What you do with your customer to increase the likelihood of remaining connected for decades is far more powerful than what you do to the customer in ringing up a few more sales. Take the “to” out of One-to-One. Win with a One-plus-One relationship.


My point of view: they do exaggerate with connected for decades. But co-creation is a powerful tool especially if it empowers people.

Think Zero Degrees of Separation

Digital technology has taught us more about our customers than ever was thought possible. Modern marketers are armed with insights allowing them to close the separation between brand and consumer from “arm’s length” to “zero degrees.”


My point of view: again, they do exaggerate. However, point taken digital enables you to close partially the gap between the customer and the service provider

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Think iDirect Entanglement

Internet E-commerce adds affordability and accessibility to direct marketing’s classic addressability and accountability. The 4 A’s of the powerful new iDirect model are driving an explosive boom in digitized direct marketing.


My point of view: the authors limit their approach to direct marketing. For me these 4A’s are relevant in many more operational contexts.

Think High Cost of Nonvertising

The enormous waste built into traditional advertising has now been joined by wasteful online advertising. Often half of the online and offline advertising budget goes down the drain as what the authors describe as “Nonvertising.”


My point of view: It was John Wanamaker’s quote”Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half. In this digital decade for me, 90% appears to be a waste. But what 10% is still needed/


About the reading experience

This book inspires to think about the present and the future. A must-do to keep ahead of the curve in responding to the next waves of disruptions and shifts in power.

As you work and live, you are aware of the dual nature of many things: digital and analog. The authors are aware of that development: they combine the traditional printed copy (always fine to read a real book) with an ongoing extension online. Sebastian and Stan are also inviting interested advertising and marketing professionals to be part of their LinkedIn group.

About the Authors

Stan Rapp is a business builder who has twice served as Chairman/CEO of global advertising agencies at the forefront of the advertising industry. As co-founder of Rapp Collins (rebranded as RAPP) he launched an agency that became one of the top 10 world wide. As the CEO of MRM – McCann Relationship Marketing – the agency grew from 30 to 200 million in revenue.

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He was recognized by Advertising Age as one of the 101 individuals who shaped advertising in the 20th Century, and was elected to the Direct Marketing Association Hall of Fame. Direct Marketing magazine named him one of its select group of “industry legends.” Rapp is co-author of the bestselling book, MaxiMarketing, which first predicted the change from mass marketing to individualized marketing, and five other books tracing the rapidly changing marketing scene. Most recently, he served as Chairman of Engauge, a pacesetting social/digital agency founded in 2007 and acquired by Publicis in 2013.


Sebastian Jespersen is an innovator, a business strategist, and a breakthrough digital thinker. He founded independent digital agency Vertic over a decade ago; today it has a footprint on three continents and serves some of the world’s best-known global marketers and brands. Both a digital guru and evangelist, he has successfully taken a start-up from the birth of the online marketing era through to the advertising world’s new Internet battleground. All while shepherding Vertic to extraordinary year-on-year growth. Clients include Microsoft, SAP, GE, Novo Nordisk, GSK and PayPal.

Sebastian’s pre-Vertic years as a management consultant in Europe and Asia underscore a multinational, analytical problem-solving point of view. This contrasts with common creative or technical leadership found at most ad agencies today. His interpretation of social business, data, targeting and the bridging of marketing to sales – as well as his revolutionary application of this understanding to new platforms like LinkedIn – makes him a leader in today’s fast paced, complex marketing world.


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