How to manage digital transformation successfully is a frequently asked question these days.

But are you clear as to who is in charge for the challenges ahead?

Finding the leader in charge

Many regard the CIO as natural owner for this strategic shift; however, the number of business leaders who are taking the lead for digital transformation initiatives is growing exponentially. This conversation, meanwhile, has reached the C-Suite, as shown in a recent Gartner survey: 16% of the CEOs interviewed stated that they believe they should be leading their company’s digital transformation. Only CIOs, with a close 15%, are seen as the other key navigators of their company’s digital transformation!

We have described recently the prerequisites for next-generation CIOs to be regarded as digital leaders by their CEOs.

Our team at SAP, the Center for Digital Leadership, meets with more than 100 C-Suite executives every year. From these meetings we know that there are also some strong chief digital officers who demonstrate measurable business results. In one company, our team even found a CIO-CDOCTO triumvirate.

Eventually, what are we striving for when it comes to digital transformation?

Digital transformation is a business challenge, but it is certainly foremost a leadership challenge, as it must effectively drive a broad program of non-linear change through the organization. Probably best that the organization knows who is in charge.

Sharing the same digital path in the leadership team

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