Salesforce made its largest acquisition ever yesterday, acquiring Demandware for $2.8B.


At first glance these two software vendors compliment each other well because there is so little redundancy — Demandware filling a commerce gap in the Salesforce portfolio. However, it’s more complicated than that. From the DX platform angle, Salesforce is acquiring a competitor.

On paper, calling these two competitors is an apples and oranges comparison:

  • Salesforce has a strong B2B, CRM heritage (although B2C client wins are increasing since the ExactTarget acquisition); whereas

  • Demandware is purely a B2C, full-stack, commerce suite for CPG clients who are willing to operate on a revenue sharing model.

  • Salesforce has no ‘experience management’ solution, with the exception of Communities and the half-released web studio component within Marketing Cloud; whereas

  • Demandware’s embedded web CMS capabilities are reasonably strong for the market they serve.

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via Forrester Blogs Mark Grannan

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