Bringing Tech Insight to Corporate Boards or should it be digital insight?

It’s the age of the customer and only the leaders who know how to lead their organizations to increased customer obsession will be able to keep up with hyperadoptive consumers. Those consumers already expect to get what they want, when, where, and how they want it. The only question will be who will give it to them? Will it be you?

It’s a question I asked today on stage at Forrester’s Marketing Europe leadership forum in London. I shared with them an overview of my recent report, “Leadership in the Age of the Customer,” a months-long project that revealed the five things that customer-obsessed leaders must do. I then asked the attendees to answer five questions. Just over forty executives took my short, five-question survey, allowing me to compare the marketers in the UK and from across Europe to their counterparts in the US, where I asked the same questions just a few weeks ago. See chart below to see how they compared.

As you can tell, our UK colleagues are more confident in how effectively they measure customer obsession. That’s a tremendous thing. In a few key areas, however, they fall slightly behind, such as in recognizing and rewarding customer-obsession in others and especially in providing the resources needed to achieve customer obsession.

What to do next? You can measure yourself — in more detail than these five questions, but in a survey that still takes less than 10 minutes to complete. Just go to to participate in and learn more about the full study.

Also, sign up for our upcoming webinar, Adapting Leadership to the Customer-obsessed Mindshift. See the link below, click to register. See you there.

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