CLF8Qb2WcAAsH_HI do not know where you live of what your profession is.

But probably you feel like that most of your knowledge and intuition you have built over your life has gone.

And – if so – what are the consequences for management of your career, your business, your business and the relationships with those who are dear to you?

This book outlines how the business and economic climate has changed in this age.

Not that new for some for us, but probably a mind shift for most of us.

The authors describe these four global forces breaking all the trends.

What are the forces and what are facts?

Disruption one: the age of urbanization


Disruption two: accelerating technological change


Disruption three: challenges of an aging world


Disruption four: greater global connections


Be sure any of these forces has major consequences of organizations – companies, non-profits, government – and the people who who work there,

But it not one force. There are four of them.

The impact might be immensive (with some optimism, I share with the authors).

Not acknowledging these forces will hamper us to adapt to a changing world economy.

A flaw in the book was for me that the analysis is limited mostly to the level of organizations. There is a chapter about government. However, what are the consequences for national states, political parties and so on. But maybe that is not in the scope of the book.

As stated before, an imperative read for those who want to understand the fundamental trends in our world economy.

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