It is now almost 5 years ago that the concept of the effortless experience got some management attention. Scanning Rick Delisli’s deck recently, i decided the read the book, published in 2013.

Passing of time often is a fine measure whether concepts are to be considered hyper or should be considered as having high business potential.

extFor me, the book has such a potential.

In october 2013 Alex Baar wrote this fine summary. Thanks Alex for this and the fine pics of some relevant graphs!

What can I add?

For me, the relevant concept is the concept of experience engineering. The authors define this as “an approach to actively guide a customer through an interaction that is designed to anticipate the emotional response and preemptively offer solutions that create a mutually beneficially resolution.  For those who are into design thinking, service design and so on the emotional connotation is known stuff.

Even more fascinating is the approach.   The engineering is about to guide a customer through an interaction (indeed an interaction). Many approaches in the field of customer services are about relationships and the cumulation of interactions (e.g. Customer satisfaction, Net Promotor Score). The outlined approach focuses on one interaction and enables you to improve that interaction.

I did read about possible approaches in contact centers at the agent/contact interaction. But also about how to deal with training and coaching, as coaching is to be used.  Even more important, living in a multichannel world, an approach is outlined how to assess how customers engage with your company’s channels and where there is substantial room for improvement.

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tumblr_nqn5auv8cI1qa92ieo1_500One more bit of discovery.

The authors claim that the impact of the service experience on loyalty is greater when either of the following two conditions are true:

  • The customer does not have an extremely strong attachment to the products or services the company provides, and/or
  • There are lower perceived switching costs in your category.

In this era after the Great Financial Depression and in an era of massive disruption this underlines the importance of a perfect customer experience at the transactional level.

I do not believe that achieving goals is that easy. It takes a  lot of efforts and a fundamental understanding. This book may assist you in that experience.