Wikinomics – Will Facebook be your CRM provider?

This week I was interviewed by the Dutch weekly Elsevier about how i use Facebook within my Personal Knowledge Management Concept. I mentioned the facts that one of my main  reasons to use Facebook is the pleasant way (positive experience) to connect to knowledge and service providers. Et voila, now I found this post.  Awesome to read and to act about (bothat the corporate and at the professional level).

Found at Wikinomics – Will Facebook be your CRM provider?.

According to the Facebook blog (as of April 2010), the average Facebook user “Likes” nine pieces of content very month. With over half a billion users worldwide, that translates to more than 4.5 billion Likes per month and 54 billion Likes per year on everything from news articles, to jeans, to movies, and even real-live activities and events. Each of these Likes is tied to a real person for whom Facebook has detailed identity information. Although it hasn’t yet been monetized, this data and the analytics applied to it, could become the basis for Facebook’s core revenue model. On Facebook, you are the product.

For every Like that is made, Facebook is able to correspond a product affiliation to demographic information such as sex, age, geography, and education, as well as social graph data about relationships and influence within a group. With Places, Facebook can even correlate product activity to mobile location data. If mobile payments ever take off, they could get actual sales data as well.

Ad Age recently asked the very poignant question: What Happens When Facebook Trumps Your Brand Site?(alternate title for the article is: How Facebook Became the Biggest CRM Provider). The online article was accompanied by the following graphic showing the top ten brands on Facebook (in terms of total Likes):

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Top brands are garnering millions of Likes

To be continued at Wikinomics – Will Facebook be your CRM provider?.

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