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Accessing and Understanding Customer Experience Data Is Life or Death

In May and June 2010, Aberdeen surveyed 270 executives regarding their Marketing agendas for the second half of 2010 and the remainder of calendar 2011. The results were compelling: Marketers’ agendas for the next 12 months are focused on delivering a clear ROI from their investments. And to demonstrate strong program results, one area reigns supreme – access and understanding of customer experience data. Having and using customer and prospect information is driving agenda deliverables around programs and technology solutions into 2011. Failing to leverage customer experience data from the myriad sources covered in this research brief, including demand generation campaigns, social media efforts, web interactions will be the difference between success or failure.

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While all programs deliver customer experience data, some will produce better data and results than others. This is especially relevant when multi-channel programs are implemented. Focus your agendas on programs and the technology that improve your ability to rapidly track and report ROI results. There is substantial room to leverage technology given that 70% of all non Best-in-Class respondents do not include marketing automation as a top priority for future agendas. These programs and their supporting technology allow marketing organizations to do more of what is working faster and not waste time or resources on what’s not. See Figure 5: Technologies that Deliver Customer Experience Data.

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