Reading Brian Solis We Are The Champions or these times are changing

I liked the title of this post. And thought it would be nice to keep it in stock until the start of the Soccer Championship 2010. But – reading it on a sunny sunday morning – title and content might deserve your attention just now. And as always being or becoming a champion, is hard, hard, hard work.

Have fun and act!

Found at We Are The Champions.

An important reminder that you are on the right path…

Social Media marketing is not new nor is it widely established or even understood. However in 2010, it will completely transform the way businesses attract customers and the way consumers find the businesses and services that matter to them. And like that, an overnight landmark, which really is over a decade in the making, will challenge business owners, more so than today, as they now compete for the future, right now.

Social Networks are no longer the playgrounds we once perceived. The simple truth is this: social networking is not just for kids or people with too much free time on their hands.

Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Foursquare, and the like, are now pervasive, becoming an extension of who we are, and forming valuable social hubs that connect people who share interests and tastes. As a result, the activity within each network is influencing the decisions and referrals consumers ultimately make, usually without the benefit of our participation.

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