SharePoint 2010 Social Computing Overview from Matthijs Hoekstra made me a SharePoint fan

Up to now I never appreciated SharePoint. The orientation at documents and the dominance of IT-departments were the main obstacles for me. After having watch this video, I believe that essential Enterprise 2.0 features are embedded. And this may transfer the power from the IT-dinosaurs to the operational field!

Great to see and indeed if there is substantial deployment – and that will happen – the Enterprise 2.0 will accelarete. Just wonder if the leadership will be aware of that.

Found at  SharePoint 2010 Social Computing Overview | Matthijs Hoekstra | Channel 9.

: Matthijs Hoekstra | 2010–01–31 @ 2:18 AM |
In this (Experimental) presentation from SharePoint Connections 2010 in Amsterdam you will learn all about the new social computing capabilities of SharePoint 2010. Social bookmarking, tagging and ranking, blogs and wikis and social search for people. After an introduction about Social Computing from Daniel McPherson, Robin Meure and Mark van Lunenburg demonstrate how social computing works in practice.
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