Roger Martin’s the Design of Business enables u to design also a professional and personal life (book recommendation)

Dean Roger Martin and Bob Rae
Image by Tom Purves via Flickr

I like books that can be read in a weekend. And that can be consumed while sipping a nice Talenti Brunello 2000

The content of the book was that interesting that i forgot to watch part of the CC 2010 (although I did see the professional stage)

In the book Roger Martin explains why an over reliance on analytical thinking leaves us vulnerable in times of change and blind to emerging opportunities.

For me it was great to see how the author described this also on the professional and personal level.

Roger Martin outlines for me also the approach how to deal with the tension between analytical thinking and intuitive creativity within all organizations. The book delivered me insights to bridge exploitation versus exploration.

I can understand why the book is labelled as best business book 2009. Brilliant and challenging me to rethink the way i want to act on the professional and personal level.

And as stated not time consuming and it still enables to do other nice things in one weekend.

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