Reading Intranet Blog’s Intranet predictions for 2010

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One of the most important assets in any organization.

And one of the most neglected by senior leadership.

How often is the Intranet governance done by HR (content about rules), Corporate Communication (we will have a party at Eastenr) or IT (we know there is a bug but it is listed and will discussed in the next Change Board Meeting).

Maybe – but i have a bias – it should be down from the trenches of the organization aiming at connecting, collaboration, productivity and a little fun.

Anyway, Toby Ward motivated me to reflect about the importance of any Intranet. Hope u will do 2!

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1- SharePoint will continue to dominate

All hail the king, SharePoint. SharePoint has become the single biggest, most pervasive intranet platform of all time (present in 50 – 60% of all medium to large-size organizations). While SharePoint is still minimally used for department and team level document sharing and collaboration, more organizations are looking to use it as the enterprise intranet platform.

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