Recommended Five Ways of Susan Cram to Lead With More Compassion

Eighth Course: Passion Fruit Sorbet
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At first glance the intro blocked me from further reading. But scanning the post I really liked it.  Regular readers of this blog are aware of my conviction that challenges, compassion and passion result in a better professional and personal performance.  Just wonder whether renaming the 5 five ways to love, live would result in even more readers. Great post from Susan Cram to reflect and act on.

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Question: When working with IT, how can you tell the difference between an introvert and an extrovert?

Answer: The extrovert looks at your shoes.

We label people. Everyone does it.

Labels are convenient. And they are dangerous.

Labeling people puts them into little boxes and constrains the possibilities that might arise from the relationship.

As a case in point, consider our smallest boxes — those each of us squeeze into when we are with our parents and siblings. For a moment, imagine that our father is “fun,” our mother “selfish,” our sister “talkative,” and we are “smart.” No matter what age, when with our family, we settle into our assigned roles. Consequently, unless we work to consciously redefine the relationships, we will never understand what is behind our father’s laugh, why our mother is constantly looking for what she doesn’t have, and why our sister needs more attention.


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