Recommending The Importance of Boundaries written by Amber Naslund

Creating a context and acting according always implies construction. And in case of construction and deconstruction boundaries are elements to be designed. This post of Amber Naslund (tip from Chris Brogan) reminded me how essential creating contexts is.

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11 January, 2010 | Written by Amber Naslund 

The Importance of Boundaries

The emergence of the internet, real-time web, and social media technologies have made the “work” day longer and longer. There’s no such thing as an 8-to-5 job anymore, and if you work in the web space, there’s an emerging expectation that you’re constantly available and immediately responsive.

But where’s the line?

As a community professional, I know that my customers and the social media community at large need me sometimes.  They have questions or are seeking information, and I’m helpful whenever I can be. The internet doesn’t sleep, and the international clock is always ticking.

Sometimes that means I can answer a question at 10pm. But does it mean that I should be expected to?

The folks that lead the Xbox Elite Tweet Fleet have an account on Twitter at @xboxsupport. Right in the bio, they have specified the hours during which that Twitter account will be manned. I think that’s a great way to leverage a corporate account and set very clear expectations for response time.

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