Wikinomics – What Should be the Title to The Sequel to Wikinomics?

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By Don Tapscott and Anthony Williams

Dear Friends of Wikinomics.

We are just finishing the manuscript of a new book.  The basic idea is that the principles of Wikinomics, the new Web and mass collaboration provide the keys to transforming more than the corporation (that’s what Wikinomics was about). Rather we can reinvent and rebuild just about every institution in society for an age of networked intelligence. Many of the organizations and institutions that have served us well for decades, even centuries, are stalled. The pillars of economic and social life that grew from the industrial economy have come to the end of their life cycle.

The financial services industry for example needs more than a fresh infusion of capital or some new regulations; it needs a whole new operating model — one based on integrity, transparency, and the sharing of intellectual property.

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