Reading Mike Brown’s BrainZooming: 3 Must-Haves for Driving Social Media

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The title topic came up recently on Twitter, as it had at a B2B social media roundtable late last year: Who should be doing social media strategy and implementation for a brand – organizationally and individually?

My take is a strategic perspective is the foundation for a social media effort to build a sustaining impact. When it comes to questions of social media strategy “ownership,” it’s clear sole responsibility for it doesn’t fit nicely into a box on today’s org charts.

Stepping back from the discussions, I forced myself into three criteria which seem necessary for taking on social media responsibilities in corporations:

  • Ability to always be on message for the brand, which implies effectively linking brand strategy to messaging
  • Appropriate sensibilities for social media channels
  • Diverse communication skills that work across various social media channels
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