Agreeing with Brian Magerski Stop obsessing about Enterprise 2.0 ROI!

Having been a program manager for several years, I always liked the crappy discussions about investments in infrastructure and business cases.  I do not say that any investment in new technology should be considered to be an investment in infrastructure but indeed there are circumstances. Great read to react and act on!

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by Brian Magierski on November 21, 2009

Here is a link to one of the most intelligent things I believe has been said about the Enterprise 2.0 / Enterprise Social Networking / Enterprise Collaboration space yet … and it was written by a blogger who’s expertise is in CRM intelligence and strategy! It is well worth a read – Why Chatter Matters – and it is about’s recent announcement of Chatter (coverage here and here)within it’s platform. Note – Chatter will not be released until the Spring of 2010.

The point Esteban makes in his blog post is that collaboration is infrastructure, and the industry should stop looking for an ROI for this stuff. I think it is great advice. How many buyers have calculated the ROI of email? Yet, I would submit that (until recently) most of us would say that email makes us more productive. Moreover, most of us would go further to say we could not do our jobs without email! No ROI calculations are done on this, yet a ton of money has been spent on Exchange and other email systems and servers over the years, and the dollars continue to flow there.

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