Warren Berger’s talking about his new book Glimmer: about the power of design to transform the way we live.

In October 2009, The Penguin Press published anew book, Glimmer, about the power of design to transform the way we live. This project, which has been several years in the works, has taken Warren inside the studios and deep into the creative minds of some some of the world’s top designers and design experts, including Bruce Mau.

Along with a link to his magablog, GlimmerSite.com, I’ve provided a diversified sampling here of what the book has to offer, including the following:

– a brief summary overview of the book

– a peek at the table of contents, which lists “the 10 principles of Glimmer”

– a Q&A with the author

– a taste of some of the more provocative and inspiring quotes or “glimmerisms” contained in the book

– a roundup of “the glimmerati” — the great designers featured in the book

– a glossary of some of the fascinating design terms that the book explores and explains

“Design Is” chart, comprised of 18 surprising definitions of design from people who ought to know

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