Recommending Semantic’s Web Feed(ly)ing The Enterprise

As an operational manager working in the blogosphere I use at the private-professional level Feedly and Zemanta. It is my sincere belief that deploying these tools in knowledge-intensive organizations and professionals will result in 15% productivity gains.

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Jennifer Zaino Contributor

Feedly, the Firefox plug-in that consumers have enjoyed for organizing their favorite sites into magazine-like start pages—presenting input from Google Reader, Twitter streams, and other services they subscribe to and interact with—has been offering a version of its service to businesses for a couple of months now.

feedly-logo.pngWhat’s the draw of the service for the enterprise? For one thing, it’s the semantic technology embedded within Feedly, which uses the OpenCalais web service to get a clean representation of metadata behind content. That gives power to enterprise users such as marketing professionals, who might be subscribed to various blogs and feeds and services and different content that’s relevant to their brand.

“Semantic technology comes into play,” says Feedly developer Edwin Khodabkchian. “Imagine you are launching a new product or event and multiple sources start talking about stuff related to that. Our users expected us to increase Feedly’s smarts to understand that these articles are somehow related. That is where semantic technology comes together.”

With the rich metadata the service disambiguates and delivers about entities across content sources, “we can organize content in more interesting ways. Thanks to user input and technology like Calais we could add smarts to Feedly to understand these correlated articles, group them together and make it easier for people to consume that information.”

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