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Andrew McAfee, 11.13.09, 02:00 PM EST

Why companies should embrace internal social networks, blogs and wikis.


Enterprise 2.0” is my term for the use of Web 2.0 technologies such as blogs, wikis, social networking software and microblogs like Twitter within companies. It’s becoming clear that Enterprise 2.0 brings real advantages in productivity, agility, innovation and satisfaction, but it also seems risky to many people.

Concerns around Enterprise 2.0 fall into two broad categories: fears that people won’t use the newly available ESSPs [emergent social software platforms], and fears that they will. The latter, which stem from the lack of upfront control common to ESSPs, tend to crop up first. When first exposed to these technologies, business decision makers voice concerns about what happens when direct control is surrendered and many people can freely contribute to information platforms.

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