Peppers & Rogers Rules to Break & Laws to Follow (a delayed book review)

Don Peppers & Martha Rogers book “Rules to Break & Laws to Follow” was published early 2008. As i got a signed copy from Martha Rogers herself from Serge Poppes, I promised Serge to review the book.

I really liked the book. The authors describes the trends I – as a professional manager and as a blogger – I’m dealing with. Great to see how their insights have become even more valid in the post depression Twittered era, we are working and living in now!

They point out that customers are in short supply, so most of what passes for customer acquisition is just competitors trading customers with each other. That means you have to manage the customer’s experience with your company by making sure you understand the customer’s perspective and treat them right. Customers who trust you are loyal and come back to do business with you – again and again.

The authors caution against staying in the crisis of short-termism. They suggest 12 laws to follow. My favorites:

1. Culture will drive value or culture will drag value
2. Dissent and diversity drive creativity and innovation
3. Customers are a scarce resource
4. Innovate or die

My favorite quote:
Remember that as far as your customers are concerned, the ordinary, low-level customer-contact employee they meet at the store, talk to on the phone, or interact with during a service transaction of any kind – that employee is your company!

Bottom line: our world is changing and one has to connect and react..

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