Read Andrew Mcafee’s “Shattering the Myths About Enterprise 2.0 “” from Harvard Business Review november 2009

Shattering the Myths About Enterprise 2.0

Technology-enabled collaboration initiatives often fail because of five common misconceptions. Only by dispelling them can companies reap benefits from the initiatives.

Digital collaboration is all the rage in the world of business. Companies in every industry are adopting collaborative software platforms that enable employees to generate more and better output. A May 2009 Forrester Research study found that almost 50% of companies in the U.S. use some kind of social software, and a July 2009 Prescient Digital Media survey revealed that 47% of respondents were using wikis, 45% blogs, and 46% internal discussion forums.

Underpinning this trend is Web 2.0, a term coined in 2004 to describe the internet’s capability to allow everyone, even non-techies, to connect with other people and contribute content. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube

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