Do you agree with Wayne Turnel’s Just asking has HR definitely lost relevance

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There are a lot of truisms in the training business. Some are really true (management is a discipline). Some are kind of true (leadership can be taught to the willing). Some are just not true but we continue to spout them anyway (the Chinese word for Chaos and Opportunity are NOT the same symbol. I don’t care how poetic it sounds- just ask someone who actually speaks Mandarin).I recently put another truism to the test: when a problem seems unfixable, redefine the problem. The results made for some interesting pub conversation. Okay it was a fistfight, but it WAS interesting.

Here’s the problem: for years people have been trying to get HR to take a more strategic role in the company and stop thinking transactionally. CEOs say it’s a problem. HR complains about how they’re viewed by the rest of the company and the rest of the company complains incessantly about HR.

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