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Damian Kernahan asks why service organisations don’t deliver their customers a great experience, when all it takes is a little planning and design.

It’s the Me-conomy stupid.

And so sums up in just four words the feeling a lot of us have as consumers as yet again we encounter another average service experience with a company we have provided our custom, our dollars and our time, often over many years.

In this article we will look at trying to understand why we so often have these average customer experiences, why services are still most often developed using an industrial product mindset and how that might be improved. We will also provide a new approach to ensure that services are more regularly designed with the end user in mind rather than as an organic process, which has little connection to the importance of the crucial revenue stream that it has been set up to deliver.

It has been proven there is a huge gap between companies’ and consumers’ perceived customer experience. Bain and Co conducted a study several years ago across 362 firms. Of those firms, which were a representative sample across businesses, 95 per cent said they were customer-focused. Of those companies, 85 per cent believed that they delivered a superior experience for their customers. And the corresponding amount of customers that agreed with them. Eight per cent! Yes, that’s right, only eight per cent of customers believed that they were being delivered a great experience

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