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The term “Enterprise 2.0” was coined back in April 2006 when Andrew MacAfee wrote this Sloan Management Review Article.  Since, then MacAfee has become almost synonymous with the term Enterprise 2.0 and is even coming out with a new book on the topic to be published in late November 2009.  His blog is one of the most respected on the topic of Enterprise 2.0 and he tweets regularly.  I took Andrew’s very first graduate school class he taught in a class called Technology, Operations and Research back at HBS Spring of 2000 and I always thought he had a knack for sensing early technology trends.

One of my favorite posts of his includes his response to a ZDNet post that states  Enterprise 2.0 is a crock.   I like it as it paints six specific use cases around real world examples of well known companies using various facets of enterprise 2.0 to solve customer pain points.

Another favorite of mine is this post where he describes ten criteria for a successful enterprise 2.0 initiative.  This strikes me as a practical and useful framework for how and why some companies are succeeding with enterprise 2.0 solutions.

I mention all of this as I intend to cover some trends on this category in my blog here because I’m a real believer in the disruptive potential enterprise 2.0…..

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