Google Wave invites released today!

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By Martin Bryant on September 29, 2009

Google Wave invites released today!It’s been a long wait, but bang on schedule and exactly four months after it was first previewed, Google is ready to launch Wave to a limited number of users.

100,000 invites will be released today to people who expressed an interest in trying the software. Interestingly, Techcrunch reports that a group of Australian school students have additionally been selected to try the revolutionary collaborative communications tool in an educational setting.

Additionally, you’ll be able to install extensions to play Sudoku, make conference calls, have video chats and plan trips.

Of course, the original date for Wave opening up was tomorrow, the 30th of September, but at the time of writing it’s the 30th in far Eastern parts of the world and that’s good enough for us.

If you applied to test Wave, keep checking your inbox. Something extremely exciting could be on its way within the next 24 hours!

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