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I made fun of the Indigo sign, but I am a big fan of the book store. Any book store. But, I have a soft spot for Chapters-Indigo since I spend over three years working there while I went to university. It doesn’t hurt that I have an addiction to books.  I love fiction (the type you can imagine the characters so vividly that even years later you can tell a friend about the novel); and the odd summer junk novel (usually crime / mystery novels like Kathy Reich), I have also been known to read a thoughtful history book or gripping book on pop culture.  But, my biggest fixation is my collection of business books. I love books on marketing, social media, Internet culture, management….and I believe I own more than I have actually read.  It is always my intention to read, but I also read about 200 blogs.

That said here are some of my recommendations for great business books (chances are I own them if you need a loaner)

These are just a few of the ones I haven’t yet read but own:

  • Tribes – Seth Godin
  • Six Pixels of Separation – Mitch Joel
  • Truth Agents – Chris Brogan & Julian Smith
  • Meatball Sundae – Seth Godin
  • Free: The Future of a Radical Price – Chris Anderson
  • Twitterville – Shel Israel (getting this on Tuesday)

And, if you are looking for gift ideas these are books that I would like (and may buy on a whim while in a bookstore)

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