Listening to Shop Talk Podcast: Roberto Verganti on his excellent “Design-Driven Innovation”

Post inspired me to read Roberto’s Verganti book. May it inspire you to read it or at least grab the concept!

I still like it after rehearing!

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Roberto Verganti’s book “Design-Driven Innovation” is one of the best business books of the year. It discusses the methods certain companies use to create products with radically new meanings, offering customers something they never realized they wanted and generating long-term competitive advantage and outsized profits as well. In this podcast, Professor Verganti discusses the ideas behind the book and how it applies to companies like Apple, BMW, Artemide, and Harley-Davidson.

For more information, visit the book’s companion website.

Podcast: Roberto Verganti on Design-Driven Innovation (mp3, 39:41)


0:35 What is the “meaning” of a product?

6:00 The meaningfulness of the iPhone

13:50 The role of “interpreters” in Design-Driven Innovation

19:50 Relationships between companies and interpreters

23:45 What is the CEO’s role in Design-Driven Innovation?

30:00 How much of the CEO’s time is required?

33:25 More resources on Design-Driven Innovation

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