Mike Gotta exploring the intersection between identity and social media/social networking

For now – included the presentation Alice Wang and Mike Gotta delivered at the Concordia Workshop. Alice and Mike have been exploring this intersection between identity and social media / social networking for a few months now.These two links help provide background context to the Slideshare deck:

[gigya width=”425″ height=”355″ src=”http://static.slidesharecdn.com/swf/ssplayer2.swf?doc=bgconcordiasocnetidentityfinal-090904061142-phpapp02&stripped_title=bg-concordia-socnet-identity-final” quality=”high” flashvars=”gig_lt=1252075742643&gig_pt=1252075761206&gig_g=1&gig_n=wordpress” wmode=”tranparent” ]

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