Exploiting Chaos”: Trendhunter’s New Innovation Trends Book including free 1st chapter

Let’s us assume that innovation will be the dominant trend in the forthcoming years on an organizational, professional and personal level! My impression is in that exploring and exploiting innovation this post may help U. So start exploring and exploiting!

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“Exploiting Chaos”: Trendhunter’s New Innovation Trends Book

One of my favorite trend-watching e-newsletters has always been Jeremy Gutsche‘s Trend Hunter – a site chock full of innovation that always seems to have its hand on the pulse of what’s happening in business and popular culture. Jeremy’s new book Exploiting Chaos offers managers 150 different ways to spark transformative change. Ahead of the official publication of the book on September 1, download a free PDF version of the first chapter of the book here.

Exploiting Chaos has already been named one of CEO READ’s Books to Watch in 2009 and has picked up endorsements from the likes of Seth Godin, Guy Kawasaki and John Battelle. As bestselling author Daniel Pink notes, “EXPLOITING CHAOS is a rousing battle cry for the kind of creative, risky thinking that is most needed in times of change and disorder. Whether you’re a CEO trying to stay ahead of the curve, a daydreaming teenager, or a wannabe trailblazer, this bold guide is the shake-up you need to check your assumptions, get inspired, and turn business-as-usual totally upside down.

Read more at http://endlessinnovation.typepad.com/endless_innovation/2009/08/exploiting-chaos-trendhunters-new-innovation-trends-book.html

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