Impact of Customer Experiences in financial services

Artist Liz Wolfe
Artist Liz Wolfe

Working within a health plan and seeing the collaboration between our channels, I always bear in mind these facts (yes, I know they are from 2004 and indeed it is a health plan).

Specific positive experience    greatest impact              average no told about

Great personal service
transaction as retail store               29                                                                 4.3
Great interaction with telephone
customer service representative  21                                                                 3.4
Did not feel pressured at the
store                                                         8                                                                     3.2
Store followed up to ensure that i was
satisfied with the purchase           16                                                                   3.2
Access to account information
online                                                    4                                                                   2.9
Advertisement                                   1                                                                   3.4
Sponsorship                                        0                                                                   5.4
Source: TARP 2004
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