Forrester having a tactical view on having a customer service community

Photographer: Pierre Debroux
Photographer: Pierre Debroux

Nice post about the benefits of having a customer service community. Although I have to admit the benefits seem to me to be very operational. Tactical or even strategic benefits are not addressed. Or am I interpreting the benefits wrong?

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There’s a saying that goes, “No man is an island.” Like man, companies can benefit more if they stand apart from its peers or competitors. A company cannot exist in a vacuum. That is why there are such terms as Best Practices and benchmarking.

With the onset of Web 2.0, communities have become a new way to know and gather information about your industry, and from your customers.

Natalie Petouhoff, senior analyst at Forrester, identified seven key benefits that companies get if they use customer service communities. These are:

  1. Reduction in agent-assisted interactions
  2. Reduction in agent-assisted email
  3. Increase in first-contact resolution
  4. Increase in agent productivity
  5. Increase in product ideation
  6. Boost in relevant Web-site content and reduced search-engine optimization costs
  7. Improved customer retention and customer lifetime value

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What is good about these customer service communities, too, is that companies can get real-time data instantly.  Thus, they can also address issues in a timely manner.

Do you have a customer service community? Or have you joined a customer service community? How is it going so far?

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