Now we have CCCCC, CCCCCC and CCCCCCC (thanks to Steve Barth)


Reflecting on this title, let´s construct a context `trust´. Connect to that trust (for traits see the graph) and compact act. Now we have CCCCC, CCCCCC and CCCCCCC

Trust Pays Off in Productivity

Is trust important in the workplace?

More than you think.

You’ll perform better when you trust you managers.

But it makes even more of a difference when workers know they are trusted.

A Closer Look at Trust Between Managers and Subordinates: Understanding the Effects of Both Trusting and Being Trusted on Subordinate Outcomes” by Brower, Lester, Korsgaard and Dineen in the Journal of Management, March 1, 2009

Despite previous calls to examine trust from the perspectives of both the manager and subordinate, most studies have exclusively focused on trust in the manager. The authors propose that trust in the subordinate has unique consequences beyond trust in the manager. Furthermore, they propose joint effects of trust such that subordinate behavior and intentions are most favorable when there is high mutual trust. Findings reveal unique relationships of trust in manager and trust in subordinate on performance, organizational citizenship behavior (OCB), and intentions to quit. Furthermore, the interaction of trust in manager and trust in subordinate predicts individual-directed OCB in the hypothesized direction.

DOI: 10.1177/0149206307312511 Vol. 35, No. 2, 327-347 (2009)


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