Enterprise 2.0 Reflecting the Culture

Our company is heading for a major shift in working. Based on technology, our headquarter will use concept of “new work” in combination with the use of sharepoint technology. As regular reader of this blog may be aware I really believe in enterprise 2.0 and associated concept like Results Only Work Environment.

And in my context these things are determined by leadership and management styles.

It’s about people and the way they interact.

The found post reflects on the assumption that technology may alter culture. Nice to reflect on and act accordingly!

Source: http://steveradick.com/2009/06/18/enterprise-2-0-reflects-the-culture

If you think that the enterprise-wide wiki you’ve been pushing to install is going to change the culture of your organization, think again.  That wiki is going to reflect the culture of your organization, not change it.

Enterprise 2.0 holds a lot of promise: Increase collaboration!  Break down stovepipes!  Enable open and transparent communication!  Crowdsource white papers and presentations!  Use wikis to eliminate email!  Cure cancer!

And in some cases, these technologies DO allow organizations to realize these benefits – well, except for maybe the last one, but you get the idea.  But in many of these social media implementations, I’ve come across a lot more people saying, “I have an internal blog but no one reads it,” or “We have a wiki, but no one uses it!”

Why are Enterprise 2.0 implementations of blogs, wikis, or forums not living up to the expectations of the technology?

Read more at http://steveradick.com/2009/06/18/enterprise-2-0-reflects-the-culture

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