If You Don’t Reward Sharing and Reuse, You won’t Succeed with Web 2.0

Indeed, reusing and rewarding (and that may imply reusing) is essential if you want to create a social web environment. As stated often, also on this blog, it is all about human behaviour.


June 16th, 2009 by Anthony Bradley

I cover how enterprises can build better IT solutions by capitalizing on Web 2.0 and SOA.

The common thread here is really on gaining better sharing including both content and capability sharing. SOA, social solutions, cloud, and mashups all demand sharing and reuse. You’ll never achieve significant success in any of them without developing a culture of sharing and reuse. This is an immutable reality. I realize the above is a fairly obvious statement. I’ll follow this with another seemingly obvious statement. Here it is.

You will not develop a culture of sharing and reuse unless you systematically measure and publicly reward sharing and reuse.

If this is so obvious then why don’t more organizations do it? Is it that organizations don’t really want to encourage sharing and reuse? Is it because changing performance evaluation, corporate compensation, customer incentive, etc. programs is too difficult?

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