It might be possible: Lowering Operational Costs With Maintaining Service

Artist Aya  Brackett
Artist Aya Brackett

Being an operational manager, I always struggle with our financial departmer, the controller and other wise guys about the performance of our contact center. This found post gave me valuable insights. Maybe you can benefit for your operations.


Up to 30 percent of your contact workload is preventable via proactive education and enhanced education on self service.
Further, first call resolution can be increased by up to 15 percent if you allow your front line to use a flexible response rule for the top five issues. The payoff is not only lower cost but higher customer satisfaction, loyalty and word of mouth. It is actually cheaper to give great service than just good service.

This virtual case study presented by Lynn Holmgren, Director of Customer Care for Whirlpool, along with John Goodman, Vice Chairman for TARP Worldwide, will help you understand the causes of customer problems in a way that highlights those that can be easily avoided or handled via self service.

Further, their analysis will allow you to justify investments in customer education

Artist Aya  Brackett
Artist Aya Brackett

and enhanced self service in a manner the CFO will accept.

Lynn Holmgren and John Goodman will cover the following topics:

• Identify causes of customer contact that can be prevented via customer education.
• Select the top three opportunities to eliminate service contacts via “Psychic Pizza” delivering before your customer knows he/she needs it
• Enhance utilization of self service via the principal that, “You can’t just lead the horse to water, you must give him the first sip.”
• Enhance first call resolution via flexible response spaces which allow the CSR to “break the rules for good customers, without breaking the rules”
• Identify opportunities to foster positive word of mouth via “cheap delighters”
• Lower costs via improved new customer welcome and education using their preferred channel
• Quantify the impact of the above initiatives in a manner the CFO will accept using principals of service impact on word of mouth, loyalty and risk reduction.

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Artist Aya  Brackett
Artist Aya Brackett
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