People Are indeed the Focus of Enterprise 2.0

Often stated (amongst others on this blog). It is about people and processes for 80%. Technology will not lead (is not allowed) to dominate these massive changes!! Post reflects on this!

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Running a company in today’s ever-changing environment requires a more fluid approach to problems and the ability to test solutions through trail and error methods. A company that exists within a fixed vertical structure prevents profiting from the true value of it’s human capital. “There is never an ideal process or system and there will always be exceptions,” says Experience Design Strategist Paula Thornton. The true essence of Enterprise 2.0 is in focusing on optimizing systems around the way people work, not molding people around systems.
One key element of Enterprise 2.0 is simplifying business processes. Rather than creating complex linear paths, the idea is to empower employees with versatile tools that can adjust to changing conditions. Looking towards IT to cultivate these tools, companies tend to rely heavily on code developers when there needs to be an increased emphasis on interface designers. There should be “a 1-to1 ratio of developers and designers. They’re two totally different kinds of mindsets — and while there are unique individuals who can do both, it’s rare,” says Thornton.
Enterprise 2.0 banks on social computing principles which foster sharing knowledge and ideas with transparency, persistence, and accessibility.
Source: Enterprise 2.0 Isn’t a Checklist
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