How web 2.0 enables you in implementing Enterprise 2.0

Artist: Floriane de Lassee
Artist: Floriane de Lassee

Recently I read a tweet from a Dutch consultancy firm who were complaining on Twitter that the need for their feasibility studies has gone because of the Internet. In my opinion, again a proof how Internet is changing our business and our contexts. This found post gives you insight in how to implement enterprise 2.0 and conform the fact that certain forms of consultancy are indeed blown to bits.

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Continuing our series of free chapters from Implementing Enterprise 2.0, here is Chapter 7 on Governance. For full details on the report and all the sample chapters go to the Implementing Enterprise 2.0 website.


Within the Enterprise 2.0 Implementation Framework above, governance is an absolutely critical and central issue, as I have written about many times before. I have included the chapter on governance because it is so central both to implementing Enterprise 2.0, and to generating business value in a fast-paced environment. Change entails risk and opportunity – governance provides a structure to enable this.

Chapter 4 on Key Risks and Benefits , also available as a free download, examines the risks and benefits that must be considered in the governance process.

The Governance chapter contains:
* Definition of governance
* The importance of the governance
* Six steps in a typical governance process
* Worksheet on stakeholder interests
* Professional service firm case study

You can also just download the pdf of Chapter 7.

Implementing Enterprise 2.0: Chapter 7 – Governance Implementing Enterprise 2.0: Chapter 7 – Governance Ross Dawson Chapter 2 of Implementing Enterprise 2.0 ( on Governance

Artist: Floriane de Lassee
Artist: Floriane de Lassee
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