Blown to bits: current businessmodels newspapers

Artist: Ingrid Baars
Artist: Ingrid Baars

Source: by Matthijs van de Broek (original Dutch)

”A future remains for newspapers that can gain access to the capital needed to fund the transition to digital business models.”

Read more : ‘Moving into Multiple Business Models: Outlook for Newspaper Publishing in the Digital Age’ .

“They need to reassess the role of the aggregator, introduce new subscription models and innovate with advertisers by diversifying their product offerings,” according to David Moss, PWC.


”Though the research finds that many newspaper companies currently are experimenting with multiple platforms – such as internet versions, blogs, citizen journalism, social networks – and new technologies (e.g. mobile) as channels for content distribution to reach new audiences, their print versions still remain the largest source of revenues.”


”Consumers see breaking news and general interest news as commodities, but there is always a market for high value online content in specific topics. Our consumer research indicates that consumers are willing to pay for this content, but newspapers need to develop strategies for monetising their content and intellectual capital.”

”Our research reveals that constant dialogue with readers is crucial for newspapers to stay up to date with readers’ radically changing media preferences. Readers must be able to give feedback on the current media mix and to express their needs and preferences with regard to media consumption.”

Artist: Ingrid Baars
Artist: Ingrid Baars
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