Just a blop (blog?)

I dedicate this blog to Martin Bril, who passed away this week.

His columns inArtist: Jessica Eaton “De Volkskrant” were one of my drives to start blogging.

His discipline and lust for life inspired me (and many Volkskrant readers)

In the long history of mankind, blogging is just a blop, coming at the tail end of a long continuum that reflects and parallels the evolution of consciousness.

From the Bible to Dave Eggers, writing over time is a story about increasingly refined tools, measured accuracy in representing the objective world and eventually an gradual progression into contexts.

Accordingly, the history of writing can be viewed as a sequential narrative that charts over thousands of years resulting in the current complexity of human expression.

Blogging has given me a self-adjusting clarity about who I am, what the world and my profession looks like, how I and we behave, reflecting the world- individually, collectively- in ways unimaginable before blogging.

And so did Mr. Bril

Artist: Jessica Eaton
Artist: Jessica Eaton