Web 2.0: Changing How Value Is Created and Measured at IBM

Artist: Jure Kravanja
Artist: Jure Kravanja

In earlier posts about KM I mentioned the shift from the formal, organization managing of knowledge to a more informal personal approach for individuals. And as a matter of fact, companies have to rely on it (and so do you as a professional). There I include this post (and do some promotion for the conference(.

Source: http://kmedge.org/2009/03/knowledge-management-and-knowledge-sharing-at-ibm.html written byBryant Clevenger on March 25, 2009

APQC conference keynoter Bryant Clevenger

At IBM, leveraging knowledge has always been an important part of our business. ┬áLast year, we undertook a massive overhaul of the technology and approach we use for knowledge management, moving from a centrally managed, linear, taxonomy- and repository-based system to one that leverages the best of Web 2.0, including social software, user participation, and key market-driven concepts like sponsored links. We see this as a shift from “knowledge management” to “knowledge sharing.”

As the global leader for IBM Global Business Services knowledge sharing strategy, I’m excited about the changes we’ve made. The new approach and technology not only enable flexibility and boost participation in knowledge sharing, but they also surface new ways to create, add, and measure value. Contributions are no longer limited to simply adding documents to a database. Instead, each Web 2.0 behavior is a new kind of contribution–a new kind of input, a new kind of data–enabling value to be measured and delivered in very different ways.

I look forward to exploring these topics in depth when I keynote APQC’s knowledge management conference this May.


Bryant Clevenger is the global leader for IBM Global Business Services (GBS) knowledge sharing strategy.

Thumbnail image for km_edge_butterfly.jpgHe will be among the keynote speakers at APQC’s upcoming knowledge management conference, The Knowledge Transfer Revolution: New Paradigms, New Payoffs. You can learn more about the conference by clicking here

Artist: Jure Kravanja
Artist: Jure Kravanja

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