Blown to bits: marketing at the top

2 Dutch marketing professors wrote recently a book about how marketing can become in the lead again in companies.

Each chapter discusses one problem, looks for causes and finds solutions.

The first part of the book is about orientation and deals with the role of marketing, marketing leadership, market orientation and market insights.

The central part of the book deals with the organization of the marketing function and the support. The relevant competences are written down in the approach of problem, cause and solution..

The final chapters deal with behaviour. Creativity, innovation, accountability (or measuring effectiveness) and improving of the marketing effectiveness are briefly discussed.

The book ends with a wake up call. And although the authors claim that the Dutch marketing science is second best in the world, I consider it to be the swan song of the marketing profession.

Hostile to CRM and still acknowledging only the four P’s the author reflects a mood of a past era, the arrogance of a world in which markets still could be created and operations had to obey to the claims and complaints of the marketeer! It seems to be their swan’s song!

And let’s be honest the approach (problems, causes and solutions) of this book reflects an internal mindset. Just look at the world and see how things are changing. Commodization, web2.0, crowdsourcing should be on top of the mind of (marketing) managers. And not reflecting about and regretting the past.

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